Exposed; My time in care.


The day after Boxing Day, when I was aged about eight, I was told I was going away for a couple of weeks. I don’t remember the words said but I was made to understand that it was because of my behaviour, that I was causing too much trouble for everyone.

I have the overriding memory of it being a punishment but didn’t know what I had done. Years later, the truth was exposed and  I was to discover that Larry had given Sylvie an ultimatum, either I went or he did.

I don’t know why it came to this, surely I couldn’t have been that badly behaved or troublesome? I truly never recall being deliberately unkind, untruthful or deceitful.

I was put in the car, travelled for a couple of hours and arrived at the Mablethorpe Children’s Holiday Home. I knew of the holiday home as we had often had day trips to Mablethorpe, all piling into the car in the days before seat belts were the law and there would be four or five of us in the back. We would set off in the early hours of the morning when it was still dark and arrive there early to make the most of the day.

It seemed as though the weather was always good on these outings and we would spend a long day on the beach, returning home late into the night, tired and sun-kissed. We even had the odd short holidays there, staying in the small chalets on a few occasions.

We would walk to the beach and the sand dunes close to where the home was located and would often see the children staying at the home. They would be in large groups, with group leaders, playing games or walking along in a like snake like pattern.

Sylvie and Larry liked to point them out to me and remind me how lucky I was, that I didn’t need to go to the children’s home for my holiday. In my young head it seemed to me that, far from being unfortunate, they were having a whale of a time, laughing and playing along, chatting and singing songs. I was too young to consider any of the circumstances they may have left at home and would have to return to.

It seems ironic, that after Sylvie’s and Larry words about how lucky I was, that I would end up staying there for several months. How they arranged for me to stay there, just after Christmas, I’ll never know, as children only stayed there over the summer months. Did they know somebody associated with the home, was there any social services involvement?  I don’t know if Sylvie had been in touch or what attempts were made to contact her or Larry.

These are questions I never dared ask and were never spoken about.

My time there came to an end after a few months. Two social workers came to visit and within a few days I was packed up and taken away, not to my home, but to be placed with foster parents. Another two weeks later, the social workers arrived again and this time I was start my time in a local authority care home.


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8 thoughts on “Exposed; My time in care.

      1. I have mentioned it and you should as you write very well … factually, kindly, your emotions come thru objectively which is difficult when you are telling your own story

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    1. I’ve been really surprised how many adoptees, even the conventional ‘happy’ adoptions, that have have difficult times with their adopted families. I just hope that people are a bit more enlightened and accepting today.
      I’ve come through the hard times Ok and definitely a better person for them. xx

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