Better – She’s in the Right Place.

Something that I was never informed of when growing up and was to learn of many years later, was a visit made by natural mother Pam and her new husband, to see me at Sylvie’s house. I was probably around the age of eighteen months and the adoption was not yet completed.

No doubt this visit was kept from me as it might have actually put Pam in a good light, given me some hope that she had wanted to see me, might have shown she cared about me, or even have wanted me returned to her. Whether the visit was of her own undertaking or suggested by social services I do not know, but part of me hopes she had gone there seeking reassurances, wanting to be sure that I was in a better place and that she was doing the right thing.

Had her new husband considered taking me on, to become my step-father and in doing so change the course of my life? Pam and her new husband and would have been received with the same elaborate ceremony as the social worker, displaying a warm, loving family home, reassuring them how fortunate I was.

Having not seen Pam for some time I did not know her, would not go to her and cried when she tried to hold me, the exact opposite of when Sylvie or her daughters picked me up and I cooed and chuckled happily.

By the time Pam left the house, although upset, she had made her decision. She turned to her husband and simply said, “I have to leave her there, it’s better for her, she’s in the right place.”

Little did she know!


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One thought on “Better – She’s in the Right Place.

  1. sad but true .. too many put up a front, a good show for others and your poor mother probably did believe you were better off there! Must have broken her heart

    what is all the mumbo jumbo at the beginning of each of your posts … I find it quite distracting?

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