Knackered – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Knackered; the perfect way to describe the way I felt through much of  my upbringing and reminds of a previous posting.

At times during my upbringing it was all too overwhelming; the constancy of the hard work, slogging day after day, washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, grooming dogs, caring for the dogs we bred or who boarded with us, the harsh words, the physical punishments and the isolation, relentlessly from the age of about seven or eight.

Many times  it would engulf and overwhelm me and I would think that I could not survive.

How I survived it all, physically and mentally, I cannot explain. I would like to recall some dramatic event or ‘eureka moment’ that changed things,  a bolt of lightening, some sort of epiphany or a fairy god mother, but I can’t recall any such one event or flash of inspiration.

Looking back at how I came through it all, I grew up to be capable and resourceful with never a thought of allowing history to repeat itself. It has never been a conscious thought not to allow it to happen to my children, it just never has and never will.

I can only believe that ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.


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8 thoughts on “Knackered – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    1. Thank you , and Yes I have turned out ok with a good life and wonderful family. The past is there and I cannot deny it, but I try to also see the good and positives that came from it all. As I write more I will be able to emphasise more of the good influences it all had on my life xxx

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      1. I can see the good through the pain. It’s called life. We’re all learning more about it on your blog. I could go on…….just keep it coming👍🏽


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