Later – Two Gaping Wounds.


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Later on into the evening, Sylvie lifted the padding again. It was soaked in blood but by now the bleeding had eased to a slow ooze. However, it was now clear to see that two horizontal gaping slashes, one slightly bigger than the other, adorned the back of my hand.

The size of the wounds and their gaping meant that they should have had hospital care, needed stitches and possibly other attention, but Sylvie knew that these types of wounds and their location couldn’t be explained away as an accident.

I think she was also aware of my failing respect for Larry and that I might tell the truth if I was questioned regarding the cause of my injuries. As a result I didn’t go to the hospital or receive any proper medical care. Sylvie washed the wounds with salt water, dressed them and bought special little plasters, designed to pulling the gaping edges together but they didn’t really do any good.

Larry had the good fortune that the wounds did not become infected or suffer any other complications. It was at the start of half term holidays when it had happened, so by the time school started I was able to wear just a large plaster and had to explain it away as dog bite, obtained from one of the dogs we had groomed.

Still as it was, I was to be left forever with reminders of that day in the form of the two scars that remain to the back of my right hand. They are now more faded and blend somewhat when tanned but are constant reminder and something that that makes me shudder at the memory of that day.


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