A Record of Lies and Misrepresentations.

via Daily Prompt: Record

In order for my adoption to proceed a record of a social worker’s visits and findings was made in order to produce a report for the courts. I now possess a full copy of this report and the record of lies and misrepresentations contained within it.

To anybody reading the report it would appear that I was incredibly fortunate, in a wonderful situation, a loving family, a warm, clean and tidy home and that I couldn’t have been better cared for. I don’t dispute that at this stage I was well cared for but the actual situation in the household was a far cry from the impression given to the social worker, documented into my record and subsequently entered into the report.

To some extent, a lot of what was done in regard to the social worker visits was probably normal and what most people would do in such circumstances, wanting to give the right impression and achieve a glowing report. However there were untruths, fabrications and deception in regard to the situation within the house at the time.

Whether Stan was still living in the house by now I do not know but it is certain that he and Sylvie no longer had anything left of their marriage. He had obviously appeared for the social worker visits and subsequent court dates, nodding and agreeing as appropriate and signing on the dotted line.

Sylvie was now involved with another man and from the timeline it is evident that by the time of my adoption she was already pregnant again, as was her eldest daughter Gina, aged sixteen. Less than eight months after my adoption, both children, another girl for Sylvie and boy for Gina, were born, their births only two days apart.

Had Stan gone along with the whole charade because he dare not incur the wrath of Sylvie? Had he been badgered into it or did he think he was doing the best thing for me?

Sylvie’s take on Stan’s involvement was like a double edged sword, “Give him his due, he stood by you, went along to the court and signed, let the adoption go through. Then again, he’s too sodding lily-livered to do anything else. It’s about the only thing he ever did do for you, the lazy b*****d!” I have to say here that there were several times during my life when I really wished he hadn’t.

The events occurring within Sylvie’s marriage and household at this point were to cause immense changes and upheaval that impacted greatly on the family. For me, it was to have a massive effect on the nature of my upbringing due to the way circumstances evolved as a result of these changes.

Had the information regarding the state of the marriage or Sylvie’s relationship and pregnancy to another man been known to social services causes me to question whether my adoption would have strictly been regarded as legal?


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