It’s never too late to have a good childhood.


I hesitate – just for a moment.

Every time someone discovers that I was adopted they invariably ask ‘did you have a good childhood?’ or something to that effect. In their heads I can picture the scene that they imagine; the lovely childless couple, eager to adopt and provide a loving, happy home and shower affection on a poor parent-less mite.

During that split second, when I hesitate, it is as though my childhood flashes before me, all of the aspects and memories of it. What comes out of my mouth are the words that sum up my overriding feelings.

Whilst my upbringing could not have  been further away from this idyllic image, I always respond with, “Yes, I had a good childhood.”

The negatives were many and, at times, in the extreme. However, I see the sum of my upbringing as being what I am today.

I will not ignore or deny the darker times and will speak frankly about them, it is necessary to tell that side of the story.

Choosing to draw on the love, immense laughter and rich memories is not something I do consciously. It comes from within me, enabling me to be the person I am today, with the belief that ‘Its never too late to have a good childhood.’


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