A sense of isolation cloaked me for as far back as I can remember. Sometimes the reason for it was obvious; my adopted status, the venomous words alluding to it and the noticeable differences in the way I was treated. At other times it could be more subtle and less noticeable, even to me at times. Inevitably, something would always happen to remind me, put me in my place, in the center of a dark cloak of loneliness that would wrap around me, engulfing me with a sense that I might as well be stranded alone in the middle of a desert.


2 thoughts on “Isolation.

  1. I have not yet explored your blog, as I discovered this through the word of the day prompts. I am also adopted (twice, actually), and it has defined my life. I am sorry that you have felt alone in the definition, and not included or welcomed.


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