My father – Grant.

Wrestling for the USA team, Grant was a hopeful for the Olympic Games. It wasn’t the WWF hyped type of commercial wrestling more familiar today but as a disciplined sport, common in America.

Being around five foot eight tall, he had a head of thick, brown, wavy hair, he wore glasses, and although slim, he had broad wrestler’s shoulders and deep chest. His walk, with rounded shoulders, is the same walk I have always had. As much as I have tried over the years to improve my terrible posture, I always naturally revert to this stooped, round shouldered stance.

Meeting my maternal aunt Bessie for the first time, one of the first things she said to me was, “You walk exactly the same as your father!” This was despite the fact she had not seen him for twenty eight years and time has proven her to entirely correct.

Grant recalls his trips to see Pam in her home town, at the small flat that was more of a bedsit. Somebody he knew owned a little old sports car and he would hitch a lift from them whenever they were heading that way.Making the trips on early mornings, they would drive through thick fog on the cold, damp, journeys with the wind whistling into the car and no heater working.

Although Pam wasn’t living at home Grant must of met her parents as he has memories of Sunday dinners and he fondly recalls her mother’s enormous Yorkshire Puddings, the size of dinner plates.

Sometimes Grant would catch the train and he and Pam would would drink at little club close to the train station, a place frequented by several US airmen and also where Bessie would often go to.  With Bessie being eight years older, quite forceful and opinionated, Grant always felt a little overpowered and intimidated by Bessie and consequently, like Pam, they were not close.

I’m not sure of the timeline but I’m guessing that Pam was pregnant before too long as I was born just after she turned twenty. Far from being abandoned Pam and Grant made plans to marry. Whether those plans were made out of necessity, due to the pregnancy, or whether they were truly in love I cannot say.

Coming directly from the orphanage into the military, I would guess that he had not had much experience with the opposite sex. He once talked about Pam and stated, “She was my first love, my first everything.”

Pam and Grant completed the necessary forms required by the US Air Force for the marriage to go ahead. I now have these forms, given to me by my father -Grant. Along with a couple of photograph slides of me as a baby and a few other items he had kept them safely for more than thirty years.


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