Death at 36.

via Daily Prompt: Baby

When speaking about Pam, Grant is always hesitant and I sense him needing to be truthful but wanting to be kind towards her. Partly, I feel that this is done to protect my feelings, but like myself, I can see that he is acutely aware that she is not here to defend herself or to have her say. I suspect that it is also associated with his own mother’s death; like Pam, at the age of thirty-six, the similar uncomfortable circumstances surrounding it and the fact that she too is not able to defend or explain her actions.

His mother had been an alcoholic, married twice and had six children at the time of her death. Days had been spent drinking heavily and she had amassed enormous debts. At the age of thirty-six, she was found unconscious at the bottom of a flight of steps in the cellar of a drinking place. It is thought that she had been there for two days and she died shortly after due to pneumonia. There must have been endless stories and rumors about his mother and her behavior and similarly, like the ones regarding Pam, I’m sure that they were less than complimentary.

Unfortunately, like Pam, her death had robbed her of the chance to have her say, put forward her side of the story, or even just have the chance to say ‘Sorry’.

Despite hopes and dreams of a ‘happy ever after’, their plan did not work out and Grant and Pam separated.  The association between Sylvie, Bessie and Pam offered up a solution to a single mother who, for various reasons, found herself alone, with a baby,  in 1960’s England, with no support and struggling to cope.


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